Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada

You have read about it in newspapers, you have heard it from your friends, and that one judgmental uncle will not stop talking about it – recreational cannabis is legal in Canada.  But, what does this mean for you, especially when it comes to buying weed in Vancouver? You can do it on web store

First, stricter laws mean that marijuana dispensaries that hold their operations in the city must shut down in order to receive a license from the province. In turn, this will cause most dispensaries to conduct their dealing on an online platform.

Where can I Buy Marijuana in Vancouver?

If you are wondering where to get weed in Vancouver, Vancouverites aged 19 and above can buy legal marijuana online. They can also travel to Kamloops which is the only government-run BC marijuana store and buy weed there. If you would rather stay home and buy pot Vancouver online, online sales systems will facilitate the purchase of marijuana. You must verify that you are of legal age once you place an order, and again once your package has arrived at your doorstep.

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Where Can I Smoke Marijuana in Vancouver?

For one, the airport is one of the places you can smoke weed. YVR permits marijuana consumption in “designated areas” within the airport. You are also allowed to take 30 grams or one ounce in your checked baggage or your carry on while travelling on a domestic flight.

BC law permits individuals to vape or smoke weed wherever tobacco smoking is allowed. So, playgrounds, hospitals, vehicles, public spaces, schoolyards, parks (that are not campsites), patios, and bus shelters are off limits.

Despite these limitations, you still have some options. You can smoke weed at private properties, designated hotel rooms, balconies, and sidewalks (as long as they are not adjacent to educational facilities).

Smoking is also prohibited in all forms of the city’s public transportation. This includes the ferry, but you can carry your weed on board and only smoke it once you have arrived at your destination and are in an area where smoking is permitted.

Under Vancouver’s regulatory framework, marijuana consumption lounges are illegal. Even though at the moment they are illegal, confirms that there have been discussions about regulating them in the foreseeable future.

Cannabis In Canada

Landlords are allowed to ban marijuana smoking in their property rental agreements. So, if you buy weed Vancouver and plan to smoke it in your rental apartment, you will have to comply with your landlord’s preferences.

Remember – Even though you are allowed to carry marijuana with you across the country, you are not allowed to take it on flights whose destination is outside Canada, even though your destination has legalized marijuana as well (like Colorado in the United States).

Also, bear in mind that even though it is legal to smoke cannabis in public, you can be arrested by a peace officer without a warrant if you seem intoxicated in any location to which the public has access. This can be either by right or by invitation, implied or express, whether an entry fee is charged or not, any boat or vehicle, or any outdoor area open to public view.

What Are the Penalties of Violating Vancouver’s Cannabis Laws?

The penalties of violating Vancouver’s marijuana laws are no joke. A violation can result in imprisonment, fines ranging from $2000 to $10,000, or both. You must bear all the above factors in mind before you ask where to get weed in Canada and before you sit down to smoke it.