Most Beautiful University Gardens and Arboretums

It’s a proverb that you cannot judge a book by its cover. In the same way, it is not possible for anyone to say or assume anything about an institution without visiting the university garden. This is why many of the school, college, and university administrators pay attention to the beauty and overall look of their institutions. We, along with, present you a list of most beautiful university gardens and arboretums.

University of South Florida Botanical Garden

Gardens of universities have a lot to get inspired from, and while writing essay in the garden, you should not forget to talk about the botanical garden of University of South Florida. It is, no doubt, one of the prettiest gardens in the world and is expanded in a large area. It is part of the Geography, Environment and Planning Department and is situated in the College of Arts and Sciences.

University of Chicago Botanical Garden

Students writing essay in the garden should not forget to talk about the garden of the University of Chicago. It is serving as a serene oasis and is situated in the middle of the metropolitan area of Chicago. It has a large number of flowers, trees, and plants, which are enough to make you feel relaxed, happy and satisfied.

Chester M Alter Arboretum at the University of Denver

The Chester M Alter Arboretum is situated in the campus of the University of Denver. It has over two thousand trees, most of them are rare and look lavish green and tall, leaving a good impression on students and making them feel satisfied. You can sit in this garden and enjoy its beauty while concentrating on your studies.