All Parts of an Essay for students

There are many parts of an essay including the thesis, main idea, introduction, body and conclusion. To make it flow logically, the essay should include these different parts. Main idea of an essay refers to the main major or the primary concept that the writer of an essay has decided to pass across. Every paragraph should have a main idea and it is usually contained in the opening paragraph. Before beginning the writing process, one should come up with the main idea.

The thesis is one of the Essay main points and it is used to state the main idea of the essay. Both the thesis and the main idea coexist i.e. each of them supports the other. This is to mean that one can’t construct a thesis without understanding the main idea. On the other hand, one can’t omit the main idea from the thesis. A well written essay will have all these parts.

The parts of essay writing include identifying the topic, coming up with the main idea and developing the thesis statement. Once the above parts have been successfully identified, it would be easy to write the essay. Moreover, the identification of the parts of essay writing will ensure that one doesn’t wander out of the topic.

In a passage, the process of finding the main idea includes identifying the topic, summarizing the essay, looking at the introduction and identifying the ideas that are being repeated throughout the essay. The author will place the main idea in either the last or first paragraph.